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The Shoot for Love Photography Challenge

This is an online, hands-on photography course where you will share your work with a private community of beginning and established photographers.  Our full training course includes lessons, photo challenges, and an interactive community to ask, share and critique with.

The App

You will love the easy-to-use app that gives you access to everything including the digital workshops right from your smart phone or computer. Share your photo challenges and critiques with fellow photographers for maximum benefit!

The Community

Learn from a diverse range of photographers from beginners to pros across many genres photography.  Shared images, techniques and feedback provide value to our growing community of artists and we want to see your work next! No advertising or censorship rules for you to worry about inside.

Online Courses

Learn at your own pace! We cover the creative purpose behind the technical features giving you a FUN way to learn, shoot and share.  Each workshop consists of 12 lessons, with unique photography challenges included!

Photographers Love our Photography Challenge!

Shot by Kevin Wenning

“What I get from the community has been valuable and I like seeing comment notifications come up on my phone. It’s one of the few places I interact online where I actually want to see and respond to the notifications.”  —Kevin Wenning

Josh Delagarza

“I couldn’t believe how fast I took to the system, the app is awesome! Easy to use and might i say addictive in all the GOOD ways! These challenges help encourage me to become a better creator, seriously I needed this! Anyone out there open to the idea of sharing photos, not for just for likes, but for a community of people that are open to sharing what they are passionate about, welcome home!” —Joshua Delagarza

Shot by Jenny Garn

“These challenges help me build my confidence in not only my use of a camera, but also myself. I also love reading the simple analogies given in the book about each of the settings.” —Jenny Garn

Shot by Steve Berlin

“I’ve really enjoyed the challenge topics and examples in I Shoot for Love… I’m an experienced photographer but the challenges have made me think again about how choosing the right tools and how mastering all the settings so powerfully shape the final image, and I’ve appreciated the constructive feedback. The site appeals to me and it will to others.” —Steve Berlin

Simple Tuition


30-Day free trial for the entire program. Must be 18 years or older!

The App

Download the Mighty Networks app on your Apple or Android device for full access our private community.  Share photos, critiques, and ask questions on a network with no ads, no art censorship, and our own place to share and browse photography without some advertising company selling our information to the highest bidder!

The Community

Draw upon the knowledge from professional photographers and bright-eyed beginners in our all-inclusive, private community. Join photographers from many genres including fashion, landscape, family, sports, travel and hobbyists alike. Taking the time to read & write thought-out critiques will reward you with a better eye in your own work and sharing your best shot for each photo challenge will strengthen your creativity and increase your value as a photographer.

Online Courses!

Each lesson features detailed information and links for beginners to get going immediately. Advanced photographers will enjoy the option to skip the instructions and interpret each of the 48-Unique Photography Challenges and simply share their best shot!

Available Online Workshops Guide You Through The Photography Challenges

  1. Using Your Camera Settings Creatively
  2. Seeing The World Like An Artist
  3. Composition and Art Techniques
  4. Twelve Flavors of Natural Light

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Meet One of Your Mentors

Photographer Jake Garn

Have you met Jake? With a professional education in photography from the University of Utah under the mentorship of Joseph Marotta and a background of shooting commercial and award-winning fashion for clients as diverse as ski-bindings to presidential campaigns.