NFT Art on WAX

 Chameleons NFT Set By Photographer Jake Garn

Collect this entire set of NFTs featuring beautiful models by photographer Jake Garn on the WAX blockchain.

About Our NFT Collection

Six rarities of NFT of each model to collect.

Chameleon Base Rarity

Base Rarity

Chameleon Uncommon NFT

Uncommon – Dim

Chameleon NFT Negative (Rare)

Rare – Negative

NFT Chameleon Painted (epic)


Chameleon NFT Negative (Rare)

Legendary – Animated

Chameleon Base Rarity

Mythic – Animated Signature

Twenty Spectacular Chameleons to Collect

Twenty Fashion Models on The Blockchain

Chameleon NFT Blending Events

We will rely on the NeftyBlocks Super Blender to create our weekly blend events. Each week will feature two separate available blends. A guaranteed NFT will be rewarded for each blend. Blenders have a chance at pulling one of three rarities (Blend, Stellar Blend, or Inglorious Blend). The Stellar and Inglorious Blends are backed with wax from the reward pool, locking in value. Of course, owners have the option to burn the NFT (destroying it) to release the WAX at any time. However, since the WAX is a guaranteed value backed to the NFT the value is preserved when transferring ownership, so selling it at a premium would be the wiser option

Exclusive NFT Rewards for Collectors

We have loaded thousands of WAX into our super blender in the form of WAX backed NFTs… in fact we did the first event live on stream!

What is An NFT

An NFT can be many things, our limited edition NFTs are uniquely numbered, limited edition art. We hope you find them to be a beautiful long term addition to your collection.

What is WAX?

The Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX) is the world’s most proven and eco-friendly blockchain for NFTs, video games and collectibles. It is also the exclusive home of Chameleons, an NFT art collection by Jake Garn. Setup your free WAX wallet at

What is NeftyBlocks?

A marketplace and resource for collcectors and artists. Buy, sell and even mint NFTs with NeftyBlocks.

Jake Garn

Jake Garn

Photographer & Gamer

Working on combining the passions of art & photography with crypto-gaming, NFTs and surfing the blockchain. Won’t you Join me?

The Crypto Games I’m Exploring…

Farsite - Etherium based crypto-game
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