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Mastering digital photography has never been more fun!

 Take Better Pictures

This is the best way to learn photography, you don’t watch dozens of hours of videos. We include a simple guide-book, and inspire you to create with our photography assignments. It wouldn’t be complete without a private online community to share your work with. This is the best, most inspiring way to learn… which is why they do it this way in art school!

We also include inspiring photographers from art history as in introduction to the masters that paved the way before us and made photography into a legitimate form of art!

Everything You Need

Best Value, Includes everything:

  • Make Your Portraits Magic Ebook (instant access)
  • Plus Printed Book, no extra shipping inside U.S. ($25+ value)
  • Plus Lifetime Access to our Community ($249 value)
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Ignite your creativity with Our photography idea guide and ​digital camera walk-through.
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Learn Your DSLR Camera with Our Online Photography Workshop

Guided practice, a community, and an app to make it fun!