Employees engaged in hobbies do better at work

Published Research shows that creative hobbies can improve employee performance up to 30%

Invest in Creativity

 The results are in! Creative hobbies (like photography) can provide many compelling benefits, so much so that if managing employees is part of your business then you should pay attention!

Investing in the creative health of your employees may be more beneficial than you realize

The study by Kevin J. Eschleman out of San Francisco State University specifically reveals what many creatives already know; creative hobbies have a positive impact on our thoughts, actions and ability to work with others.

Creative activities are likely to provide valuable experiences of mastery and control, but may also provide employees experiences of discovery that uniquely influence performance‐related outcomes.”

In other words, if you want employees to perform at high levels then investments in empowering and enhancing their creativity can go a long way.


Three Steps You Can Take to Foster a Creative Workplace


1. Encourage Individuality

 It’s hard to argue that Zappos, Inc is great at developing a thriving culture, even in the face of massive growth and part of that culture comes from how much freedom each person has for self-expression

 “We really strive to bring our full selves to work. I came from fine dining, so there was a fine dining version of myself and an off-work version of myself. Here at Zappos, we believe that since you’re going to be spending 40+ hours a week here, you should be able to integrate your full self when you come to work-meaning wear the clothes you want to wear, decorate your desk the way you want to decorate. That’s huge for creativity.” –Zappos Content publisher at Zappos Jovahn Bergeron

 2. Allow for Failure

By their very nature the most creative ideas are ones that haven’t been tested yet so creativity absolutely pull you towards uncharted waters, and this means opportunity for success and failure alike!

Creativity is risky which is why so many of us are made to fear change, fear new ideas, and probably the greatest fear of all–admitting that there might be a better way!

By allowing for failures you allow for breakthroughs.

3. Enable Creativity

Many companies already recognize the value of physical health in the form of gym memberships but have you thought of offering art classes, music lessons, or photography challenges to foster communal creativity?

A simple photo contest, displaying original employee work at the office, or an office painting night are creative activities that can get the entire workplace involved.

One caveat, never REQUIRE participation in creativity building exercises, that would limit someone’s individuality in a negative way.  But allowing resources and opportunities for employees that want to fill their life with the joy that comes from creativity can help you and your business enjoy the productivity boost that comes from creativity!

Images & Words by Photographer Jake Garn

I credit my love of photography to the training and guidance I received as a University student and years of experience. I’d love to share that training and guidance; which is why I’m participating in the Shoot for Love Photography Challenge, and you can too!

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