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The Language of Inspiration, full live class

Five steps to letting inspiration flow more freely in your work

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Filmed Live at the B&H Event Center in
New York City on
International Fibonacci Day (5/08/13)

From the Video Description:  Photographer Jake Garn sets out to answer his number one frequently asked question… “Where do you get your ideas?” Using original photos, videos, illustrations and animations to show that inspired ideas are all around us all of the time and just waiting for you to set them free! It’s a photography class and creative workshop like you’ve never experienced. A two hour presentation designed to help you understand, and work through, the creative ruts and rushes of inspiration that every artist surfs in the struggle to find that one thing we all crave: The well executed original idea.

What People are Saying about this Class….

“Besides some interesting ideas for generating ideas for stuff to photograph, the main reason for promoting this video is for the bit right at the very end, where he speaks about the Rule of Thirds versus using the Golden Ratio, for composition.” – ​

Warning: almost an hour long video ahead

Why so long?  The biggest photo store on planet earth (B invited me to New York from Salt Lake to present this idea.  I prepared an hour long, animated presentation using ( that briefly covers the five steps I use to tap into the language of inspiration.  If you don’t have an hour to spare the folks at created a detailed outline which I’ve included below the video.

Find the topics that interest you most, and skip ahead to them in the above YouTube video …

  1. Jake Garn’s Self Introduction [0m:16s]
  2. Hard To Answer – Where Jake Gets His Ideas  [0m:47s]
  3. Jake Garn’s Language of Inspiration (5 Step Process for becoming a Creator) [3m:02s]
  4. Defining Inspiration – What is Inspiration? [3m:35s]
  5. Step 1: Living in the Moment [4m:06s]
  6. 1.1 The Five Senses Exercise (Visually Arrive In The Moment) [4m:27s]
  7. 1.2 Color. Be Aware Of Color [4m:50s]
  8. 1.3 Shapes. Shapes Make Powerful Compositions [5m:25s]
  9. 1.4 Details. Notice The Details [5m:45s]
  10. 1.5 Shadows. Pay Attention To How Interesting Shadows Are [6m:16s]
  11. 1.6 Reflections. Some Moments Are Meant To Reflect In [6m:43s]
  12. 1.7 Focus On What We Are Going Through Right Now [7m:53s]
  13. 1.8 Ignore The Distractions, Focus On The Moment. [9m:08s]
  14. 1.9 Stop Listening to the World’s Jibber Jabber [10m:35s]
  15. Step 2: The Purpose [13m:48s]
  16. 2.1 Alice In Wonder Analogy [13m:53s]
  17. 2.2 Find Your Passion And You’ll Find Your Purpose In Life [14m:36s]
  18. 2.3 How To Find Your Passion. Jake’s 3-Step Process [14m:47s]
  19. 2.4 Your Greatest Purpose May Change [15m:48s]
  20. 2.5 Your Role In Life Is NOT Your Identity. Try a new one on… [16m:37s]
  21. 2.6 Become a Discoverer [17m:22s]
  22. 2.7 Become a Challenger [18m:26s]
  23. 2.8 Become a Tinkerer [19m:11s]
  24. 2.9 Become a Nurturer [19m:42s]
  25. 2.10 Become a Collaborator [20m:02s]
  26. 2.11 Become a Hunter [21m:11s]
  27. 2.12 Become a Guide [21m:39s]
  28. 2.13 Become an Inventor [22m:18s]
  29. 2.14 Be Willing to Risk What’s Comfortable [22m:39s]
  30. Step 3: Work [23m:13s]
  31. 3.1 Visualize The Finish Line (Know Where You Want To Go). [24m:55s]
  32. 3.2 Fight Through The Resistance And DO The Work! [25m:23s]
  33. 3.4 Find A Group Of People That Are Doing What You Love, And Keep Working [25m:46s]
  34. 3.5 Break Away From Yourself. Most People Will Never Get This Far. [26m:49s]
  35. 3.6 The Finish Line. You’ve Done The Work [27m:12s]
  36. 3.7 The Trouble With A New Idea Or Photo Style Is They Both Take Time To Find An Audience. [31m:19s]
  37. Step 4: See [32m:13s]
  38. 4.1 Challenge Yourself to See Differently  [32m:42s]
  39. 4.2 Working With Models [33m:10s]
  40. 4.3 Your Eyes Are Like A Digital Camera Set To Auto Everything [33m:43s]
  41. 4.4 See Light In Three Dimensions [34m:26s]
  42. 4.5 When Trying To Catch The Perfect Light Filtered Through Anything (Jake’s Trick) [34m:43s]
  43. 4.6 See Foregrounds & Backgrounds [35m:29s]
  44. 4.7 Bokeh (The Way The Lens Renders Out-Of-Focus Points Of Light) [36m:01s]
  45. 4.8 Macro Vision (Notice Tiny Details) [36m:16s]
  46. 4.9 See Everything As An Idea! [36m:23s]
  47. 4.10 Light Is Your Friend [36m:42s]
  48. 4.11 Some Ideas Can Be Simple [38m:09s]
  49. 4.12 Sometimes Magic Just Needs To Be… Seen [38m:21s]
  50. 4.13 Some Ideas Are Just Waiting To Be Stumbled Upon [36m:52s]
  51. 4.14 Some Ideas Will Take A Team To Pull Off [39m:43s]
  52. 4.15 See Groceries In A New Way [41m:03s]
  53. Step 5: Share [41m:17s]
  54. 5.1 Share Your Work (put it online; put it in galleries) [41m:41s]
  55. 5.2 Share The Credit (nobody does anything on their own) [41m:51s]
  56. 5.3 Share The Experience (show people what it has done for you) [42m:03s]
  57. 5.4 Share The Inspiration [42m:14s]
  58. 5.5 The Real Start Of The Show Is The Inspired Moment [42m:56s]
  59. 5.6 Sharing Your Work In The Internet Age [43m:10s]
  60. 5.7 Side Effects Of Sharing Your Work [43m:50s]
  61. 5.8 What Nobody Tells To The Beginner [45m:27s]
  62. A Summary of the 5 Steps To Inspiration & Getting Ideas (it’s a cycle) [48m:35s]
  63. Jake Garn’s Workshop: Shoot For Love ([49m:28s]
  64. Jake Garn’s Opinon of Using Photosho [50m:09s]
  65. Jake Garn’s Composing Tips (inc. The Rule of Thirds vs. Golden Ratio) [50m:41s]
  66. Jake Garn’s Workshop Class: Finding Your Style! [50m:04s]
  67. Jake Garn’s Workshop Class: Lighting Tools 101 [52m:26s]
  68. Jake Garn’s Photography Philosophy [53m:26s]

Two thumbs up for the B&h Event Space

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