What is Your Biggest Marketing Asset?

Pssst... it's your employees.

Empowering them to become micro-influencers is big business. 

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Want to grow your company’s online reach by 10x?

On average employees will have 10x more social connections than company accounts, and if you are like most companies then this lucrative audience remains tragically untapped!  –source

What can we do for you and your employees?

Attract The Best CoWorkers!

Enlarging your reach will grow your hiring prospects exponentially!

Amplify Word-of-Mouth Sales

Influencer marketing is shown to break through the noise.

Engage, Automate & Incentivize

Cloud solutions to simplify, track and reward employee engagement.

Employee advocacy is not just another buzzword.

“In an average company, only 3% of employees share company-related content but they are responsible for driving a 30% increase in the content’s total likes, shares, and comments.”


    Most Employees do not share company related content, understanding and resolving the reasons WHY creates huge opportunity!

What do the numbers say?

There is massive opportunity in formalizing you employee advocacy plan amongst your passionate employees! –source for these numbers


increase in year over year revenue for companies with employee advocacy programs.


prospects more likely to apply for a job if they hear about it from someone they know.


Brand messages reach this much further when shared by employees vs. the company account.


of new employees never share company related content, and 54% of those with 1-3 years never share....

Signature Process

Our four step training module is custom tailored to work with your existing social media policy, and marketing/social teams.

Creative Team

Delivering this training product is made possible by the Shoot for Love team.

Jake Garn

Jake Garn


Experienced entrepreneur, restauranteur, radio show host and photographer… developed social followings for all of it.

Satisfied Partners!

“You win the “Elisa‘s favorite person of the day” award! Very prestigious. Thank you SO much!”
Elisa Garn

VP, Thought Leadership & Brand Marketing, GBS Benefits, Inc


We are looking for companies with active social media strategies and content streams looking to expand their reach by empowering select passionate employees.