I want to introduce photographers to Knolls, the softest sand you’ll ever feel and hardened sand castles seemingly crafted by giants.

Featured Location: Knolls, Utah

This set of images was produced in 33 minutes on a location scouting visit to Knolls in September of 2017.  Knolls is located on the eastern edge of the Bonneville Salt flats off of I-80.

Turn South off the I-80 Exit, then Go East for the Endless Dirt Road

Or West for Giant SandCastles and Soft Dunes


The Desert Sun Can Produce Hard Light


The Shadows Can Be Quite Soft


Jake Garn has been shooting digital photography since 2001, and film photography from 1994-2001; he hosted his first photography workshop in 2009, was invited to B&H to teach a class in 2013 and launched the photography challenge in 2017.



Congratulations Seattle, you have been chosen for our Great Salt Flats Photo Adventure! We are flying a handful of photographers & models directly from Seattle to the edge of the Utah/Nevada Border for a three-night stay at one of the most beautiful locations on earth!