Have Fun Learning Photography!

The Shoot for Love Photography Challenge includes everything you need to take better pictures–all while having a ton of fun!

Online Photo Workshop

Benefits of Membership 

  • Build a Marketable Skill
  • See the World More Artistically
  • Increase Confidence
  • Appreciate Art & Composition
  • Learn to Give & Receive Critiques
  • Have fun with the community online or with the app!

Our Community

Share to Learn

Sharing your work is at the heart of improving, yet social networks can be a fearsome hive of scum and villainy. Which is why we reserved a private community where we share our assignments for feedback.

Guided Practice

Exercise Your Creativity

48 photo assignments with detailed instructions & creative insights about your camera, your vision, classic composition and natural light.  Complete the course at your own pace!

The Shoot For Love Photography Challenge

Completing the challenge will enhance your creativity, here is what we cover.

Section 1:

Using Your Camera Creatively

The camera settings are a powerful creative tool.  At the end of these twelve challenges you will be able to use your DSLR features to enhance your images in creative ways.

Section 2:

Seeing the World Like an Artist

Our normal-eyes tune out details, with artist-eyes you will start noticing little things you never saw before. These 12 photo challenges are designed to make you notice the creative details.

Section 3:

Classic Composition 

Twelve lessons in simple and powerful composing techniques used by art masters that will enhance your visual vocabulary and the power of your images.

Section 4:

Shooting Natural Light

There are many flavors of natural light and these twelve photo challenges will introduce you to practical knowledge you can immediately apply on your next shoot!

Want to learn a magic trick?

The ability to see the world in new ways can truly be astounding.  By creatively using your camera settings and light you really can make magic with the camera!

A camera can turn people into models, turn the ordinary extraordinary, or even turn junk into art.

All you need is a camera to get started!

“I couldn’t believe how fast I took to the system, the app is awesome! Easy to use and might i say addictive in all the GOOD ways! These challenges help encourage me to become a better creator, seriously I needed this! Anyone out there open to the idea of sharing photos, not for just for likes, but for a community of people that are open to sharing what they are passionate about, welcome home!”

Joshua Delagarza | Insta: @manpluscamera

“I’ve really enjoyed the challenge topics and examples in I Shoot for Love… I’m an experienced photographer but the challenges have made me think again about how choosing the right tools and how mastering all the settings so powerfully shape the final image, and I’ve appreciated the constructive feedback. The site appeals to me and it will to others.” 

Steve Berlin | 500px.com/sberlin

Start The Challenge!

Complete the entire course at your own pace.  If you finish one assignment/week it will take about one year.

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