Photographers are invited to join the photo course and shooting challenge

Shoot for Love ( has launched an online photography course and community for photographers to learn, shoot and share.

The online photo class has 48-lessons, guiding members through DSLR cameras, personal vision, photo composition and shooting in natural light.

Members will share their best shot for each photography lesson on a fun and easy-to-use private community, available online or via app.

Studies have shown that guided practice with supporting examples is the best way to learn (

The Shoot for Love Photography Challenge was created to give photographers, and camera owners, the ability to practice and share their work with a community.

The Shoot for Love Photography Challenge can be enjoyed by camera owners of all skill levels.  Lessons are simple enough for beginners, but assignments are broad enough to allow even advanced photographers a creative challenge.

In addition to the simple how-to guides for each shot, the photo lessons offer insights from photography masters like Ansel Adams and artists like Vincent Van Gogh. This appreciation of art history in context of your photography is a great educational boost.

The online photography course and community are hosted on the Mighty Networks Platform where there is no need to censor your art.

It is advised that participants be 18 Years And Older Only to participate in our uncensored art community.

Now for a limited time photographers and DSLR camera owners can join the Shoot for Love Course with introductory pricing during our pre-launch sale.

Online Photography Workshop

The Shoot for Love Photography Challenge includes everything you need to take better pictures–all while having a ton of fun!

Benefits of Membership 

  • Build a Marketable Skill
  • See the World More Artistically
  • Increase Confidence
  • Appreciate Art & Composition
  • Learn to Give & Receive Critiques
  • Have fun with the community online or with the app!