Front light


Back light

Back Light vs. Front Light

It was late afternoon, we were shooting next to a small stream with sun-light making it’s way to us through small patches of space between the leaves in the canopy of trees overhead.  It was our first time together and this was the perfect spot to experiment with lighting and moods and poses and clothes.
The Light
These two images have more in common than they have differences.  Same model sitting in the exact same location, shot with the same camera mere moments apart. Yet, the mood is strikingly different?  Why?   ​I brought no lighting equipment with me, not even a reflector. The real world can create so many varying ways to interpret the simple light of the sun and with first time shoots I like staying as simple as possible and by moving your feet around the model, like I did here, the light and interpretation of the entire scene can change dramatically.

A few more from the shoot

Model is Kenzie Neff | @kenzie.kate.neff
Photographer is Jake Garn | @garnished