Spicing up a simple shoot with a photo splice!

Do you ever feel like making a studio shoot stand out just a little bit more? How about a photo collage? Selecting subjects is easier than ever thanks to Adobe Creative Suites powerful quick selections tool.  May I suggest taking a look at your portfolio of portrait sessions and finding a few that can be spiced up with a collage? 

Sydney Yang is so creative with poses, she bends the space around her in such playful ways! The middle two Sydneys don’t produce shadows, you may have noticed. This is because these are the version of her that I selected out, leaving the images on the left and right undisturbed. The shadows could be fixed with a lot more work but getting the shape of her poses together in an intriguing way is exactly what we were after.

This shoot with Jessica Simpson in the studio was simply a blast, even at a young age she has tremendous experience modeling and it shows.  Her elegant arm movements throughout the shoot combined so well together I knew I was going to make a single spliced image out of the session while I was shooting.

Nothing beats a model in a simple outfit with glasses! I met Mia long ago and she always makes so many fluid poses during studio photo sessions like this one! I love how splicing up a portrait like this gets to show off different flavors of posing really showing off the talent of a model!

Chrissy is so fun to shoot and she brings so many great outfits to photograph with that combining a couple of them into the same image became a fun way to show the variety of her wardrobe!  Take a closer look at the points of overlapping to see the editing fun I had, like the ‘R’ in “how about never.”

Combining two images doesn’t have to look clean, in fact combing them in unique ways is a great way to add an artistic touch to your shots. I loved being able to show both the front and back of model Sarah LaRee for these two collages.

Do you ever find an outfit that is just super cute on the front and the back? This makes it hard to decide which way to shoot it but by splicing two images together of model Ashes Bardole we can get the best of both sides!

Playing with layer blend modes in Adobe Photoshop instead just simply selecting subjects can give some creative possibilities. I love how this shot of two Nyssa’s makes the shape of a heart, like her shirt.

About Jake Garn

Jake believes that “Ultimately the best way to learn photography is to shoot, share and challenge yourself.  In other words, shoot for love!”

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